Our Mission

It is the mission of Life Changers Ministries International to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, strengthen the weak, heal the sick, bind up the broken and empower the powerless.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Life Changers to holistically empower people to positively impact and influence every sphere of society with the message, authority and power of the kingdom of God.



4 Pillars of Our Beliefs


Our desire is to empower each owner to become all that God has created them to be.  We believe in equipping people with the necessary tools to become successful in EVERY area of life.



Everything we do here at Life Changers, we seek to do with a spirit of excellence. There is zero tolerance for mediocrity or substandard performance. Our services operate with a spirit of excellence. (There is a standard by which we operate). Our programs are offered with a spirit of excellence. Our conduct is one of excellence. Our messages/Sermons are executed with a spirit of excellence. Our auxiliary departments function with a spirit of excellence. As an owner of Life Changers, your life should be marked by excellence.


We expect for our owners to be people of integrity, (Children; Youth; Adults) in every area of their life. Where it be on their jobs, in their homes and communities or in school.



God has mandated this house to be a house of faith. Understanding the significance of faith in the life of the believer, it is therefore our mission to educate, inspire, encourage and motivate people to live by faith. If you are sick, we believe in praying the prayer of faith over your life. This church will build your faith and position you to believe God for the impossible.




2021 Vision Focus



2021 is the year God’s people will S.O.A.R (ascend, rise, climb, mount) to the top spiritually,
professionally, intellectually, financially, and relationally.
God is calling His people to abandon bottom-level living and embrace top-level living in every
area of their life. Top-level living is living a life of peace, joy, favor, goodness, happiness, success
and victory. Living at the top is God’s standard and preferred destination for His people.


Stretch . Occupy . Advance . Recalibrate


The time to reset, rethink, revamp and redo is NOW… Its time to S.O.A.R! (Isaiah43:19)


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