I AM Youth Ministry began over 10 years ago. For a little over a decade, this vibrant ministry has been impacting the lives of young people. The primary goal of this ministry is the service is to serve the youth of L.C.M.I., the surrounding community and the nation.



For Ages 12-18

This is ministry to a specific group of people and centered on them, not self-centered and not focused on preferences, biases, etc., but everything done is designed to get the best from and for this group of people.


Why is this important? It is clear that there has been an intensification by the kingdom of darkness in today’s society for the hearts and souls of mankind. This generation of youth find themselves in the midst of a war they are often unprepared to fight, for example violence in schools, teen promiscuity, gender confusion issues, teen suicides, alcohol and drug related incidences, teen depression and loss of hope. The vision of I AM Youth Ministry directly correlates to the vision of this local Assembly – to holistically empower every young person to positively impact and influence with the ​M​essage, ​A​uthority and ​P​ower of the Kingdom of God.



The diversity of the term I AM is profound. I AM… a child of God. I AM… not lost. I AM… great. I AM… not forgotten. I AM … unique and different. I AM… the one to influence change. I AM … fearfully and wonderfully made. I AM… the temple of God. I AM… chosen, a royal priesthood. I AM… a friend of God. “I AM” prompts youth to find their identity in Christ. By instilling into this generation who and what God says they are, draws them closer to the Father; leading them to hope, joy, peace and everlasting love in Christ Jesus.


Some of the principles of I AM youth ministry are:

  • To help save souls from hell.
  • To help arm and equip youth in the war that they are facing and not just that but to fight alongside and to fight for those youth who cannot fight for themselves.
  • To provide a place where youth can find stability and consistency that can counteract all the instability going on naturally at that age and the extra that is placed on them.
  • Study of God’s Word and to give them relevant teaching.
  • To connect teens to their God given mission and purpose.





It is important to have a youth ministry because it is a dynamic worship service designed specifically to meet the needs and grasp the attention of young people. Through youth ministry they can better relate and know more about God. It is an interpreter and bridge, echoing what the Senior Pastor would have released and will be releasing to the adults in the ministry. This is done by breaking down information to the level, language and generational references so that it is applicable to the young persons who are a part of the ministry. At LCMI I Am Youth ministry entails praise and worship, games, activities, audio visual simulation, interactive illustration, training and development.

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