In an era when at the click of a button the world can gain access to our lives, there’s no doubt that the influence of media and technology has played a significant role in fostering this global community.


With the mandate of Matthew 28 to make disciples of the world in focus, we’ve chosen to make this reality of highest priority; recognizing that this medium is a powerful tool in the fight to establish the Kingdom of Heaven here on the earth.


At the City of Life, our media department – Life Media Group (LMG) was commissioned shortly following our Ministry’s inception and has been given the charge of fulfilling this incredible assignment.  From our worship services, to social media, community outreaches, ministry auxiliary gatherings and many others, LMG is strategically woven through every arm of the Ministry to ensure its overall success and appeal.


Our sub-departmental teams of Audio, Video, IMAG and Communications are comprised of a group of spirited, hardworking and committed individuals, just shy of thirty in number, that have grown to serve our God and each other.  Guided by the Ministry’s core values of Faith, Empowerment, Excellence and Integrity, LMG strives to produce professional grade results, which aim to execute our motto of “Advancing The Kingdom, One Household At A Time.”


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