Who We Are

Children’s Ministry is maybe one of the most important ministries in the church. Many people may question this statement, but we can prove it to be true. If we were to truly evaluate the slate of GREAT leaders around the world, we would see that MOST of them were discovered one way or another from childhood. 


With this as the heart of our discussion, we truly believe that even though great leaders are born, PREFECTED leaders are created, through Children’s Ministry.


What does S.E.E.D.S mean?

Set apart

Even before












The Vision

The vision of our children’s ministry is to empower children to impact and influence their sphere of society with the power and authority of the word of God, utilizing lessons that are designed specifically for age levels. Our goal is to teach children the word of God through programs and activities that are exciting and that help them to understand Kingdom principles at their level. To help children develop a personal relationship with Jesus at an early age. The mission is to reach children on their level through exciting programs activities, games, crafts that encourage them to blossom into their God given potential and become world changers.

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