The name “Life Support” was birth in October 2015 through the Holy Spirit. In researching these words, it was found that life support was the device or therapy health personnel use during an emergency, usually a machine called a ventilator or respirator to save lives. Another meaning said life support is used to sustain life after certain body systems fail.


As intercessors we offer life support through prayers when we stand in the gap for others. Our techniques of prayer depend on various situations that others may be faced with, whether physical or spiritual. As children of God it is imperative that we pray, our very lives depend on it as we are always in a battle of some sort.


We are no longer the The Intercessory Ministrybut rather “The Life Support Intercessory Ministry” which became our official name in January 2016. We’ve since also became distinguished by the color purple which represents royalty, power, wisdom and devotion.


The Life Support Intercessory Ministry is determined to Expand the Kingdom of God through intercession as we are the sustainer of lives through prayer.

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