One Flesh Marriage Ministry

From the earliest days of the Christian faith, we have honored marriage, or holy matrimony, as a divinely blessed, lifelong, union, between a man and a woman. In Matthew 19:5 The bible clearly defines marriage as “two becoming one”.


Here at Life Changers Ministries that is our duty, to build strong and healthy marriages through our One Flesh Marriage Ministry. We encourage who and married to aspire be just that “ONE” with powerful and informative life lessons as well as monthly sessions strategically planned to help men and women overcome the biggest threats to their union. 


All marriages will face obstacles, whether it be miscommunication, financial hardships, physical challenges or temptation. The difference is how we respond to those obstacles, and the grace upon which we rely to get through them. Understanding how those two gifts should work within marriage is vitally important. At L.C.M.I. we understand that there is nothing worse than going through one of life’s storms and feeling like you’re alone. That is why One Flesh Marriage working to preserve, protect, and help marriages, struggling couples have a safe place to turn.



We’ve also made One Flesh a fun place for our couples, from 7day cruises to weekend retreats, excursions and movie nights! We guarantee that you and your spouse will be “Loving for a Lifetime”




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