Music Ministry

The vision for our worship services is to provide an encounter that is empowered by the spirit of excellence; where there is a relevant, practical and life changing message accompanied by contemporary worship all within a welcoming, convincing, dynamic, loving, and guilt-free atmosphere.


The purpose of the Music Ministry is to render perfected praise and worship unto God that is done in spirit and in truth and the very beauty of holiness. Through music and song, we are to set the tone and atmosphere in order to invite God’s presence in our midst.  We believe that praise and worship and the entire music ministry should be a display of a beautiful marriage between skill and spirit. This combination promotes excellence which is the hallmark at the City of Life.







Fine Arts Ministry

The Fine Arts Ministry is one of the most powerful ministries in the Kingdom of God. The Fine Arts Ministry which consist of Dance, Mime and Drama, is also known as the ARTS in the Church. This Ministry is considered the Ministry of Movement and Power.


Churches today are now incorporating this form of worship in their services. LCMI was one that accepted the call to bring this form of Creative Worship in our Worship Service. The Fine Arts Ministry of L.C.M.I serves as an umbrella for our Dance Ministry (Fire and Glory Dance Ministry), Mime Ministry (Transformation Mime) and Drama (which is only based on request).


Fire and Glory is a prophetic name that speaks to our movement and what we aspire to do every time we minister through dance. We are prophetic movers. When we minister, we expect the glory of the Lord to descend upon His people. We anticipate that His fire will consume what must be and that He will use our offering/gift of dance to change His people. The name Transformation Mime was given by the Holy Spirit for such a time as this. To do just as its name says, to transform the minds and hearts of people.

Both ministries have grown tremendously and are still growing up to date. We have taken the cohesiveness in ministry to the next level where we set devotional and prayer times together and schedule ministry times together as one body.


It is our desire to see people make commitments to strengthen their relationship with God at every service.

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